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Woodland Stompers:

Woodland Stompers practices every Monday 2 PM [Begginers Class 1:30 to 2 PM]in the room next to the YMCA area of the Woodland Community/Senior Center . We are a friendly line-dance group who dance for exercise, to be social and because it's fun. Our group regularly performs around the area. We welcome all line dancers to come and practice with us. Some experience would be helpful..

Line dancing is fun, good exercise and a great stress reducer that doesn't require a partner. Who can be thinking of their problems when smiling, tapping your heels and toes and swinging around the dance floor to country and popular music.

Roberta and Roger are the leaders for the Woodland Stompers ..... They attend classes elsewhere and bring back new dances for us to learn, Roberta doing the teaching and Roger providing the music. Most of the Stompers also attend Judy Bechthold's classes,

Judy teaches line dancing on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM at the Woodland Bowling Center. Check out her website at http://theVariations.org for class schedules. Once a month we all gather at the Community Center for a "Country Dance.

The Woodland Stompers meet every Monday afternoon (2:00 - 3:30 PM) at the Woodland Community Center (near the YMCA room) and perform 2 or 3 times a month at the retirement homes around Woodland.

Places we perform:
* St. Johns Retirement Village
    - Manor West,
    - Manor East,
    -Personal Care Unit.
* Palm Gardens
* The Californian
* Alderson Convalescent Hospital
* Woodland Nursing and Rehabilitation
* Cottonwood Healthcare
* Woodland Community and Senior Center
* Yolo Adult Day Care

Group performances include nursing and residential homes for the elderly, adult day care, clubs, school events, fairs and festivals. Most of our performances now are at local retirement and nursing homes.


The Woodland Stompers was started in 1988 by June Sadlier, activities director for the Woodland Senior Center. By 1992 Mary & Tony were leading and arranging the performances.
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